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April 27, 2021

Smart Reasons to Invest in a Quality Recliner Lounge in 2021

How much should you plan when you purchase furniture? We believe, furniture requires careful consideration because it can have an impact on how you experience your home and even life in general.

With the right chair or lounge suite, you’re not only investing in a quality piece of furniture but also your comfort. And that’s why a recliner lounge from IMG is often the better investment when you’re comparing various lounge options. Why are we so passionate about our IMG range? Here’s what many others have discovered after purchasing a quality recliner lounge set from us.

It Makes Your Home Your Haven

You should look forward to going home at the end of the day because you need proper rest and time to unwind before facing tomorrow. But what do you picture when you think of going home? For many, it’s that comfortable spot that will allow them to sit, read, watch TV or process the day. Knowing that you can go home and stretch out on your recliner chair gives you something to look forward to and a perfect spot to reflect and re-energise.

Furniture can Help You Deal Better with Physical Stress

Apart from creating a space to deal with the day’s stress, a recliner chair can actually help you in a physical manner as well. When you release the chair into a reclining setting, you’ll be able to lie back and arrange your body in an ergonomic position that helps alleviate stress:

  • Your spine can rest since it doesn’t have to keep your body upright anymore
  • Support to the back helps to deal with the tension from stress
  • Tired legs are supported and elevated too.

Stress has a physical impact on your body, but when you optimise rest for your body, it can rest and recover much faster.

A Safer Option for the Those with Physical Limitations

Your recliner lounge or chair can also be an answer to prayer for anyone who is facing physical limitations. Perhaps someone is recovering from an operation, or you have an elderly parent to look after? Compared to a bed or a regular chair, it’s much easier for them to get up from a comfortable, resting position when using a recliner or a lift chair.

Multiple Health Benefits

Even if you’re in good health you’ll appreciate what a quality recliner chair or lounge can do for your family’s wellbeing. These are some proven benefits in terms of health that a simple chair can help you with:

  • Less joint pain because you’re alleviating pressure by allowing your body to relax in a natural position.
  • You can improve blood circulation by elevating your legs and in a recliner chair, it’s easy to do so. Your heart doesn’t have to work so hard pumping blood around your body. This can help you take care of swollen feet much faster than before.
  • A common complaint of pregnant women, as well as anyone sitting at a desk all day, is body pain. A recliner lounge helps you relieve pressure on areas like the neck, shoulder and the all-important lower back. With less strain on the muscles in those areas, you can find some relief from the pain and give your body time to recuperate.

In Conclusion

See? A quality recliner lounge set makes perfect sense in any household. If you’re going to invest in furniture this year, make sure it’s the right pieces that will give you the benefits you deserve. The IMG Comfort team is ready to offer advice if you’re not sure what to buy yet. From our range of Scandinavian furniture items, we are sure there’s one that will suit your comfort and style requirements.

IMG Furniture has showrooms in various locations you can visit, or you can complete an online form.

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