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At IMG, we pride ourselves in offering customers maximum flexibility by providing a large variety of choices.

Leather is a natural product and every hide has its own unique characteristics. Colour and grain variations are normal and can vary from hide to hide. Common surface variations include scratches, wrinkles and healed scars.

Colour change will occur with time, due to use and the effect of light.

PRIME is a top grain aniline-dyed and pigmented upholstery leather with a thickness between 0,9-1,1 mm. It has been slightly corrected.


  • P301 Black

  • P307 Latte

  • P316 Grey

  • P317 Stone

  • P318 Choco

  • P321 Coffee

  • P323 Cloud

  • P324 Blue

  • P325 Rust

  • P329 Olive

  • P330 Whisper

  • P331 Tuscan

TREND is a premium top grain aniline-dyed upholstery leather with a rich and comfortable feel.


  • T401 Tuxedo

  • T406 Chocolate

  • T408 Sand

  • T409 Cognac

  • T410 Nature

  • T411 Snow

  • T412 Smoke

  • T414 Pebble

  • T415 Pacific

  • T416 Graphite

  • T417 Cinder

  • T420 Beige

  • T423 Storm

  • T425 Nordic Grey

  • T426 Biscuit

  • T427 Whiskey

  • T428 Lake Blue

  • T429 Nickel

  • T430 Sienna

SAUVAGE is a natural milled top grain, upholstery leather made from the best rawhide selection.


  • S550 Nutmeg

  • S551 Truffle

  • S552 Dove

  • S553 Charcoal

  • S555 Anthracite

  • S556 Caramel

  • S558 Oxblood

  • S560 Amber

  • S561 Stone

Linea is a premium top grain aniline-dyed upholstered leather with a rich comfortable feel supported by an extensive colour palette. The advanced upholstery protection of Linea retains the natural characteristics of quality leather.

Linea has a subtle fine grain with a thickness of 0.8 – 1.0mm which is ideal for upholstery applications. Its soft waxy feel coupled with a semi-matt appearance adds to its luxurious personality.