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March 29, 2023

Lift Recliner Chairs vs Traditional Recliners: Which is Better for Those with Mobility Issues?

Living with mobility restraints can be challenging. Sitting down and standing up places pressure on an individual’s spine, neck and hips. Furthermore, decreased muscle power may make being in a standing or sitting position difficult and can put the person at risk of injury.

Many medical experts recommend that people with disabilities or mobility issues invest in a lift chair recliner to assist them with sitting down and standing up. At first glance, these chairs look like traditional recliners. What is the difference between the two and is one better than the other?

Traditional Recliner vs Lift Chair Recliner—Which is Better?

Right off the bat, we need to emphasise that both traditional recliner chairs and lift chair recliners provide quality and comfortable seating. The key difference is the mechanism on the lift chair that aids sitting down and getting up out of the chair, which is what makes the lift chair the correct choice for those with a mobility issue.

How Does a Lift Chair Work?

You may be familiar with a traditional recliner. Often featuring a pull handle on the side that operates the recliner and leg rest all at once. A lift chair works similarly but has some added features.

Lifting System

A lift chair often resembles a typical recliner in its aesthetic but is sometimes considered as a medical chair, designed specifically for assisting people with mobility challenges.

The defining difference between the two is that the lift chair doesn’t only feature a reclining back and footrest extension like its traditional counterpart. Instead, you can expect a strong lifting system that moves the back of the chair in an upwards motion in sync with the seat lift which in turn assists the user to stand up.

No Levers

Unlike traditional chairs that work with levers, most lift chairs can be set to a reclined or upright position by using a button on a remote. This makes it considerably easier for people with disabilities or those with mobility issues who may struggle with pulling levers that require additional strength and the ability to reach that component.

Benefits of Lift Chairs

When you have limited mobility, a lift chair can help you stand up and sit down on your own, with very little risk of injury. But the advantages of this type of recliner chair are vast.

Lift Chairs are Easy to Use

With a traditional recliner chair, the user will still have to lower themselves into the chair or push up out of it. This can be difficult or lead to injury. It can also leave the user feeling frustrated because they can’t help themselves. The lift chair offers a sense of independence that a traditional recliner chair doesn’t.

The lift chairs available at IMG are designed to work at the touch of a button. By pressing the remote, the user can raise the chair into position, making it easier to get into the chair from a wheelchair where feasible or by putting their walkers or other walking aids next to the chair.

Easier for Caregivers to Assist

Many people with mobility issues require assistance to get in and out of their chairs. As a caregiver or family member reaches forward to assist the user, there’s always the risk of either the user or their caregiver losing balance and getting injured. This often happens with traditional recliners as the chair will not move with the standing up motion.

With lift chairs, the chair lifts to put the user in a standing position, which makes it easier for a caregiver to reach their arms around and assist.

When using a lift chair, there are fewer muscle contractions and spasms. Since the user and the caregiver are both in a standing position, it’s less likely that anyone will lose their balance or grip.

Support For Rest and Recovery

With the various positions featured on the lift chair, users can also enjoy the additional motorised lumbar and head rest support on select models. Users can also choose between single motor or dual motor recline mechanism. Dual motor recline mechanism allows the user to operate the back recline independently to the footrest extension. All these additional options go a long way toward assisting with painful joints and muscles and can enhance the quality of your rest and assist recovery.

How to Get Your Lift Chair

The good news is that getting your own lift chair is as easy as finding one of IMG’s showrooms near you. Or fill in the contact form and our sales team will reach out to you. Our product range contains different sizes, colours and designs, making it easy to find the perfect chair for you!

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