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December 15, 2020

Why Scandinavian Lounges are the Superior Choice

Scandinavian furniture has always been widely recognised for its quality, but they are receiving attention now more than ever before. You’ll find many design spaces that are inspired by this mid-century modern Scandinavian trend.

Modernism is a movement that started in the 19th century in Scandinavia that combines functionality and minimalism. These characteristics are partly why Scandinavian furniture is so popular. But let’s take a look at other reasons why this particular furniture style is the superior choice when decorating your home.

Why Scandinavian Lounges are Superior

Balanced Proportions

Scandinavian furniture combines balanced proportions and softer lines that work well in modern homes. Instead of sharp corners and straight-lined constructions, chairs and lounges have a combination of rounded and straight shapes. These shapes create functional designs that provide more support when you sit.

Woods and Fabrics with Lighter Shades

Bright hues such as white or beige represent the climate in Scandinavia. These shades are elegant and welcoming, especially during the cold dark months in Norway. Light wooden accents with soft-toned fabrics will certainly brighten up your space.

Fabrics that are Gentle on the Skin

Whether you pick a recliner chair or leather lounges, Scandinavian furniture is made with the highest quality fabrics. With this type of furniture, soft textile fabrics and leather are used to cover lounges to ensure maximum comfort and quality. In the Scandinavian approach, fabrics are selected from the world’s leading tanneries and mills to ensure that the textiles will enhance the look and feel of the furniture and exude excellence.

Unsurpassed Comfort and High-Quality Designs

These lounges are designed with a Scandinavian approach to relaxation. The shapes, fabric and proportions of Scandinavian lounges cater to the comfort and quality of the furniture. Chairs may be streamlined so they don’t take up too much space, but they’ll provide the comfort you need. All IMG Comfort’s recliners and electric recliner chairs feature cold-cure molded foam cushioning for body correct support.

Supportive Constructions

All fabrics, cushioning and materials used for construction are durable so your furniture will last. Scandinavian lounges rely on solid wood and laminated timber to provide durability and the excellent support you need when you sit.

The superior craftsmanship of these lounges ensures that there are no impractical features. Armrests and headrests are designed to be functional, especially for a lift or recliner chair. What makes Scandinavian furniture superior is these pieces are stylish, but they also have the necessary supportive elements.


How to Create a Scandinavian Styled Living Room

Scandinavian style is all about clean and uncluttered spaces that serve a purpose. Everything in a room must have a function. This is how you can create your own Scandinavian style living room.

Pick Your Sofa

Your mid-century styled sofa should have muted tones such as light grey or beige with light accents. Select a slim sofa with contemporary elements such as wooden legs that are angled. Or if comfort is more important than style, pick a recliner sofa with supportive headrests and an ergonomic construction.

All IMG recliner sofas are covered in durable leather or fabrics that are gentle on the skin. The first thought that often comes to mind when thinking about leather couches are darker tones such as brown or black, however, the range of furniture from IMG Comfort comes in a variety of colours.

A Patterned Area Rug

Not everything in your living room has to be muted or flat. A patterned area rug will add a unique touch to your space. Faux fur or shag rugs work well too but the pattern will add an excellent contrast to your room.

Additional Seating

Most Scandinavian living rooms will have one or two chairs for guests to sit on. Select a few light-coloured chairs with tapered wooden legs and curved backrests to add to the aesthetics of your space. You can place a faux fur cushion to add some texture to your décor.

Function Defines Form

Tables should not be cluttered with miscellaneous ornaments or items. One or two pot plants will work well on tabletops. Use furniture with clean lines for a minimalistic approach.


A Wide Variety of Scandinavian Lounges for You

Do you want stunning lounges for your living room? Or perhaps you’re looking for a stylish chair for your space. IMG Comfort can help you find the style and shape you’re looking for. Fill in our contact form with your requirements or to find out more about our distributors. We’d love to hear from you!

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