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March 19, 2021

Where Can I Buy a Lift Chair?

Are you looking for a lift chair to assist you or a family member? Your doctor may have recommended a lift chair and now you’re wondering where’s the best place to buy one. While many furniture manufacturers are making lift chairs, you want to make sure you get the best one.

A smart option is IMG’s lift chair recliner that’s ergonomically designed with a powerful electric motor to raise and tilt the chair to assist those having difficulties standing up unaided. A well-designed electric recliner lift chair will also give you lumbar support while seated.

IMG Furniture take great pride in producing ultimate relaxation with our range of comfort lift chairs and recliners. We’re passionate about creating unique designs that bring not only comfort to the user but ergonomic support for the back.

Read on to find out how we can assist you with lift chairs designed using innovative technology and excellent craftsmanship. Also find out where to purchase yours locally.


Why Do I Need a Lift Chair?

Besides being designed to give you the best in ergonomic lumbar support, the IMG electric lift chair can be used for a number of other reasons.

Battling to Stand Up From a Seated Position

If you struggle with arthritis, painful and swollen joints or even have artificial joints, standing up from a seated position can be challenging. The elderly may also find it difficult to stand up from a chair and need assistance. An electric recliner lift chair is designed to assist a person to stand up with ease.

Recovering from Lower or Upper Body Injuries

If you’ve broken a leg or torn some muscles, getting in and out of a chair can be difficult. A lift chair recliner not only assists with standing up after sitting but also allows you to raise your legs into a reclining position. This is essential for healthy circulation, especially during recovery.

A torn muscle in your shoulder or broken arm or wrist makes it difficult to push yourself out of a chair. Plus, you could put more strain on your upper-body injury. A lift chair solves this problem by helping you to stand up without having to put too much pressure on your upper body.

Recovering from Major Surgery

Recovering from any major surgery takes time and requires the patient to rest as much as possible. Lift chairs not only minimise the amount of effort needed to get out of a chair but also allow the patient to rest in comfort while lying in a reclining position.

After any major surgery, patients are advised to keep their legs raised to ensure healthy circulation. Electric recliner chairs assist in letting you rest comfortably while keeping your knees or legs elevated.


How to Pick the Best Lift Chair for Your Needs

IMG’s wide range of electric lift chairs and recliners give you many options to pick from. They’re available in two sizes and are designed to give you optimum comfort and support at all times. Furthermore, the lift function of the chairs is discreet. Thanks to their stylish designs, IMG’s lift chairs will suit any home décor.

When picking an IMG electric lift chair, you can choose between the following features:

  • Single motor for simplicity or dual motor for more reclining versatility
  • Some models offer a motorised headrest
  • Lumbar support
  • Fabric or leather materials

When picking a lift chair, all IMG lift chairs will assist with an easy transition from a seated position to standing. However, if you’re looking for additional features you can consider the various models available.

Additional Features and Benefits of IMG Lift Chairs

Models such as the Brando Lift Chair and Chelsea Lift Chair include additional features for extra support and comfort. The benefits of these ranges include:

  • Stable design: The chair base remains stable at all times during the raising of the seat and back.
  • Easy to operate: A large, hand-held control with extra-large buttons make it easy to select between lift, recline and back to home positions.
  • Storage pockets: A side pocket allows you to store the control within arm’s reach and other pockets are available for storing books and magazines.
  • Back and neck support: Easily manoeuvre both the neck and headrest into comfortable positions. You can select the Power+ models that offer motorised features.


Final Thoughts

To find your closest IMG distributor or showroom visit our website or contact us today using our online contact form. We’ll gladly assist you in finding the right product for your comfort and body support. Locate an IMG showroom now!

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