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November 30, 2020

The Benefits Of A Swivel Chair For Your Lounge

Swivel chairs are commonly seen in offices and workplaces, however, there are variations designed for living spaces such as the Relaxer range of chairs and recliners from IMG Comfort

Adding a swivel chair to your lounge can provide a number of benefits to the user, three of which we will discuss further below.

Swivel Chair Lounger Benefits


When you want to sit back in your living room and relax for a few hours it is important that your chair will offer you good ergonomics – just because you are relaxing does not mean you should neglect a healthy posture! An ergonomically-designed swivel chair for your lounge is the perfect solution.

The chair should provide the correct cushioning and ergonomic curvatures for the user’s spine to encourage a healthy posture, regardless of whether you’re sitting upright or reclined. Armrests are also important for supporting the user’s neck and shoulders and supporting good posture.

In addition to the usual ergonomics of a chair, the 360° rotation that a swivel chair offers is especially handy when situated in a lounge as it allows the user to enter or exit the chair from any direction, which can be particularly useful for living rooms with limited space. The rotation will also allow the user to reach coffee and side tables easily without having to get up from the seat or lean awkwardly over the arm of the chair. This decreases the users chance of experiencing a strain that could be damaging to their body.

Swivel chairs designed with armrests are also easier to to get up from as there is the added support to help the user can push themselves up and out of the chair.


Extra Functionality Compared To Regular Recliners

A swivel chair for your lounge offers far more functionality than a standard stationary recliner. In addition to 360° swivel IMG Relaxers feature many unique functions to help you be as comfortable as possible. Some of the features include; effortless reclining, adjustable backrest angle, foldable footrest or a separate footstool, gliding/rocking function and adjustable head and neck support.

Better For Social Interaction

Swivel lounge chairs are great for social interaction. A comfortable swivel chair in your living room allows you swivel and interact without straining your neck. The rotation of the chair will allow you to easily join conversations in any direction of the room without ever having to leave the chair.

Swivel chairs for your lounge can provide a user with countless benefits in addition to the three we’ve identified above. IMG Comfort has swivel chairs available to suit all of your needs whether it’s for the lounge or the office. 



The Nordic Recliner and Ottoman is an essential addition to any living room. The Nordic recliner offers users unsurpassed comfort with high-quality construction and a truly Nordic design theme. The unique design of this swivel chair features a laminated wood yoke and frames made of steel ensuring superior comfort, stability and quality that will last. The steel frames are covered with high resilience cold-cure molded foam allowing for body-friendly curvatures to be covered with glove-fitted leather or upholstery.

Browse IMG’s range of swivel chairs and furniture online or visit a showroom. We also have an excellent range of leather recliner chairs and electric recliner chairs for supreme comfort.

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