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What is Aquaclean?

Aquaclean® technology is a revolutionary fabric treatment that allows you to clean stains using water only. This provides you with simple fabric maintenance in the minimum amount of time.
Aquaclean helps to remove the majority of household stains (wine, ink, sauce, fat, mud, chocolate, cream, etc.) making life easier and giving you more time for the more important things.

With Aquaclean fabrics, you can clean your sofa using water only, in three simple steps.


Fabrics Recommended for homes with pets

Aquaclean Extreme fabrics have a structure designed to facilitate cleaning and prevent claws from digging into the fabric*, plus they have a Safe Front treatment that prevents the proliferation of bacteria and mites.

Aquaclean Extreme

What’s the difference between Aquaclean and other various liquid repellents on the market? What the advantages?

Liquid repellents are effective when a stain is on the surface because they block the entry of penetrating liquid for a few minutes. Once the stain has penetrated the tissue then most repellents cease to be effective and it then becomes difficult to clean the fabric completely due to debris that has already embedded into the fabric. This is a clear disadvantage for the removal of stains, oversights and neglected spots.

The Aquaclean® Technology not only acts as liquid repellents but also as a facilitator for cleaning. Allowing stains on the fabric to pass water through the fibres more easily, thus simplifying the cleaning process and facilitating the removal of the stain.

Aquaclean Testing in Valencia