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August 21, 2020

6 Simple Ways to Clean and Care for Your Leather Lounge Suite

Buying new lounge suites is usually not a task that you take lightly. A certain amount of research, measuring and checking out materials—and suppliers—will go into the process. People who buy leather lounge suites usually make these purchases with the intention of keeping that particular suite for a considerable amount of time, if not forever. So quality is key!

Your lounge is usually the room where your visitors and family gather and spend a lot of time. This means your new suite of lounges will need consistent maintenance if you want to keep it in a good condition. Whether it’s standard lounge furniture, an electric recliner chair or a recliner lounge, proper care and cleaning will be needed to sustain—and even extend—lifespans. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when cleaning and caring for your leather furniture.

Water, Not Soap

The golden rule with leather suites is “NO SOAP”. Never use any form of detergent on a leather suite. While leather is very durable, it’s not resistant to the harsh chemicals in detergents and other household products.

The most basic cleaning of your leather lounges involves warm, not hot, water and a fluff free white cloth. Using a white cloth will prevent any dyes from coming off the cloth and being absorbed by the leather.

On a similar note – Vacuuming is also important to remove dust that can cause abrasions on your leather.

Blotting vs Rubbing

When there’s a spill on the suite, never wipe or rub. This will cause the spill to stain and spread. Blot the spill with a clean, dry, white cloth. For optimal results, use a porous cloth as this will absorb the spill rather than spread it further into the leather.

Keep Pets Off

If you have cats or dogs, try to keep them off of your leather lounge furniture as their claws can cause damage that is difficult, if not impossible, to fix.

Avoid Contact with Heavily Dyed Items

If you have opted for a light coloured leather lounge suite, then you will need to be more aware of it coming into contact with heavily dyed items of clothing, such as denim jeans. It is best to avoid lounging on your leather suite in these kinds of clothing as dye transfer can occur. Although not an immediately noticeable issue, if not avoided, you may notice the effects of dye transfer occurring after a number of years.

Heat and Sunlight

Heat and sunlight cause leather to dry out and crack. Avoid putting your suite too close to windows with direct sunlight, or fireplaces. An easy way to test if the leather is getting too hot is to run your hand over your sofa. If it feels hot, then it’s at risk of getting damaged.

To prevent permanent damage, put a light non-dyed throw over it, or rotate your furniture from time to time. If your suite is constantly exposed to sun through a window, ensure that you condition it with leather conditioner to keep the material moist.

Leather Protection and Conditioners

One of the easiest ways of sustaining the life of your leather suite is to use specialised leather product care kits. A big tip here is, to not buy these leather care kits from just any store or dealer. Wherever possible, buy the leather care products that are offered by the suppliers of your particular suite. The reason for this is quite simple. Different suppliers mix up different products specific to the types of leather they use for their particular lounge suites.

IMG recommend that your leather suite be conditioned at least once every 12 months. Leather conditioner contains specialised compounds that nourish and soften the leather, preventing cracking and drying out.

A leather lounge suite is an investment. Caring for it correctly and regularly will add years to your suite’s life.

IMG Comfort has premium leather care kits available that are guaranteed to nourish your leather suite and keep it looking fresh and conditioned!

Contact IMG Comfort today to order yours!

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