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September 22, 2020

Mobility & Independence – 3 Benefits of Owning a Lift Chair

For people who experience mobility issues, daily tasks that many people take for granted can become quite difficult. A seemingly simple task, like getting out of a chair, can become a hazard. Thanks to innovations from furniture designers and manufacturers, there are items of furniture such as Lift Chairs that can be of much-needed assistance to those facing this problem.

An Electric Lift Chair allows the user to transition comfortably from standing to a seated position, and then back up again. Lift Chairs aim to fully support the user throughout the entire motion from standing to sitting, reducing the likelihood of potential injuries or falls. This type of chair is recommended for those with limited mobility such as the elderly or those recovering from injuries or surgery. 

Below we’ll discuss three benefits of owning a Lift Chair.

Reduces Strain And Falls When Standing And Sitting

The movement and effort required to move from a standing position to a seated position one (or vice versa) can cause needless strain to a person resulting in injuries or falls that could make them further immobile. Strains, falls and injuries can be significantly reduced when the user is fully supported by a Lift Chair throughout the sitting and standing motion. For those living with mobility limitations, a Lift Chair gives them full control over the process at the touch of a button, allowing them to live more independently in their own home.

Reduces Injuries Experienced By Carers

When helping someone to stand up or move into a wheelchair many carers are putting themselves at risk of an injury from lifting another person’s weight at awkward angles. A Lift Chair is highly advantageous for carers as it reduces the lifting that they may typically be required to do and allows them to better focus on the safety of their client. With the fully supported motion of the chair, both the carer and the user are less likely to experience strain or an injury.


Assists Recovery From Injuries And Surgery

Recovering from injuries or surgery can be a stressful time, especially when mobility becomes an issue. Recovery that includes the use of casts, surgical sutures, braces or general pain can turn sitting and standing into a difficult feat. This is when a Lift Chair can become a particularly helpful piece of furniture for recovery. 

Electric Lift Chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind and will assist with recovery by reducing strain that could cause further injury or irritation to the user. Thanks to the comfortable, ergonomic design of these chairs users can find a number of suitable positions to rest that reduces the pressure on their body and aids recovery.

Our Lift Chairs have the added luxury of reclining into a resting position, and some IMG Comfort Electric Lift Chair designs are available with a motorised headrest and lumbar support feature. Studies have shown that elevating your feet supports healthy blood and the circulation of oxygen throughout your body, legs and feet, further aiding recovery efforts.

Lift Chairs offer countless benefits to the user, including the three benefits mentioned above. Mobility aids have come a long way from their humble beginnings and now offer style and comfort in addition to independence. 

IMG’s range of Lift Chairs and Electric Recliners Chairs are available in a multitude of stylish fabrics and leathers. Our furniture is built using Scandinavian design philosophies and have complete construction integrity that you can rely on.

We want you to experience the ultimate comfort and support provided by our range of Electric Recliner Lift Chairs. Get in touch with IMG today or locate a showroom.

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